Swagbucks: How to make money and Gift cards

Swagbucks: How to make money

Swagbucks: How to make money

Swagbucks: How to make money

How to make money on Swagbucks: Swagbucks is an Internet’s most admired prizes program that pays you gift cards and cash for the day to day things you do so far online. 

You can earn points while shopping at your favorite retailer, watching entertaining videos, searching the web, answering the surveys, and you can find great deals. 

You have to reclaim your points for gift cards to your ideal retailers like Amazon, Walmart, or you can get cash back from pay PayPal. Swagbucks has paid $376,089,295 in cash and free Swagbucks gift cards.

Ways to earn on Swagbucks

Buy Swagbucks Gift Cards – keep your attention on the reward page as sometimes many gift cards on sale, and you can make more cash in return for minor points.

You also can sell your gift cards online, but it will never pay you the total money of it.

Watching entertaining videos – The easiest way is to keep watching funny videos that you see on other platforms such as YouTube. So don’t go anywhere else. You can earn cashback while watching funny videos.

Answering the Swagbucks surveys:

If you are surfing the internet a lot and enjoying giving your opinion, so the paid survey is the best option, you can earn 40 to 100 SB’s per survey. 

Swagbucks is providing access to over 10,000 surveys of different companies, and these surveys can be of various kinds such as advertising effectiveness surveys, Brand recognition surveys, Product appeal surveys, or surveys about services.

Discover deals – this is the place where you found the best services. But first, you have to read about the services paying your full attention and choose only that offer that will take you to earn SB’s. Here is the place where you will get significant payouts.

Shop through Swagbucks – If you do online shopping a lot, then Swagbucks’ Shop and Earn’ section is for you, which will give a cashback on your every buys.

You can install the Swag button, which will notify you automatically if you can earn from shopping.

Searching the web – This is the easiest way to earn money from Swagbucks, and you have to do only the thing is to use Swagbucks (powered by Yahoo) instead of Google search engines or any other search engines, and get rewards. 

You can do this in two ways. First, you can directly search on the Swagbucks home page, and second, you can download the Swag button, and if you download the Swag button, you will be rewarded 50 SB’s.

Refer and earn – You can also earn from Swagbucks by merely sending a link to your friends. If your friend sign-up with a shared connection, then you will receive 10% of his/her earning.

Internet marketing tips for beginners Easy Ways


Internet marketing tips for beginners

Internet marketing tips for beginners

One of the biggest and most frequently asked questions online in the Internet Marketing industry is “How do I get started.”

Most people acquire a cheap “Make money online” E-book, and then they read halfway through it and think, “well, this helped me none I don’t understand what is happening.” 

I know some people will disagree, but breaking into Internet Marketing and being successful takes determination and is very hard to do.

FIRST OFF: I see too many people trying to make money. They’re only in it for the money and only want to make some sales. This is a big problem. Why?

No one comes online looking to buy things randomly.

Everyone is looking for an answer to a problem they’re having or looking for a solution to something.

Remember.. your job is not to make a sale but to solve someone’s problem and in turn. That is what will make you a Purchase.

So what do you need to make money online?

1: You need a clue.

Anyone can search google for answers to making money online, but you’ve got to have an understanding of what you’re doing, or you’ll always be running around searching for answers.

2: You need a plan/idea.

Brainstorm! You need to have a mapped out vision in your head of your business. 

Do you plan on purchasing a domain and starting a product on dog health care, buying domains and selling them, selling homemade materials on e-bay, writing articles, etc.? 

There are so many options out there for what you want to do, but you’ve got to have an idea and a plan before you can start making money. 

Brainstorm in your head and think to yourself.

“What am I good at?”

“What am I knowledgeable about?”

“What is something I really enjoy doing/talking about?”

“How do I plan on providing information on this product?”

3: You need a website.

Unless you plan on marketing to forums and groups (which isn’t a very well played out business plan), you need to establish a website. 

Before you start thinking, “I have no money for a website.” You can always begin with the blogger

If you’re looking at starting a website, I would highly recommend SiteGround to beginners and novice marketers. The options of managing/running your website are high, and at such a low cost.

 It’s hard for me to refuse SiteGround whenever I plan on getting a website. Hosting at SiteGround starts at $3.95, so this is great for a beginner’s site or just starting.

Now comes the part I had trouble with when I began. Website Design/Website creation. I am not friendly with coding or web devlopment.. believe me. 

While I am sure there are many sources you could hire for you to create your website, I believe everyone should learn to create their material at one point or another. 

You May Also Learn How to Make a Website in 2019 – Step by Step Guide by wpbeginner.com.

You will learn many things from here about WordPress Blogging.

You need a website with a smooth design/layout because anything hard to read or something that doesn’t look professional will have a much lower conversion rate than what you hope for.

Remember, when you’re writing your sales copy/creating your product… you’re speaking out to people that have a problem and require a solution.

Make Money E-Book – People are broke. Who wants to be broke?

Train Your Dog E-Book – A loud and undisciplined dog is a danger to you and everyone around you.

A Guide To Smart Car Buying – Learn to save gas and to save the earth.

Do you see what I am saying? You have to speak to people in the particular niche you’re trying to sell it because you’re trying to fix a problem someone has or answer a question that someone has. 

In my opinion, fear and hype are two of the biggest sellers there are.

Are you trying to sell a vehicle? Examine your audience a young man will be interested in something fast and loud and will want to impress the ladies in his hot new ride. 

You have to know who you’re selling too and get them hyped because a hungry crowd always comes back for more. 

Don’t get me wrong now. I am not saying a website is the only way you will ever make money period; I am just saying that this is probably the best way to create an automated source of income.

4: Patience/Consistence.

If making money online was as easy as snapping your fingers, everyone would be e-millionaires. 

So many people quit trying once they find out how much work is involved in creating online business and being good at what you do. You have got to keep consistent.

You’ve got a killer website but no sales, why not? Get inside your market’s head and view your website not from your point of view but theirs. 

Do not think, “how will this make me the money” but “will this solve my problem”? Be consistent and always add new fresh content and possibly new products to keep your customers/readers coming back for more. 

A hungry crowd can never get enough no matter how much they spend.

Now then, here are some suggestions as to when you do get a business up and running, but are not mandatory.


If someone opts into your e-mail list, chances are they’re interested in what you’ve got or curious. 

A lot of people who see a website once won’t purchase something because they simply don’t know the source. 

A couple of e-mails possibly sending out some free methods/tactics or newsletters might change Curious George into a buyer.

Remember, Internet Marketing is not an overnight task. You can either sell your own or someone else’s product. 

If you’re new to the game, I don’t recommend purchasing any products, because I guarantee you that 75% of the information you just paid for can be found on a forum for free. 

The more consistent you are, the more determined you are, the more it will show. Don’t give up just because you don’t hit the lottery overnight because, as I said, if making money online was real, “That easy,” everyone would be doing it.

Softwarejudge – Get paid to write.

Softwarejudge – Get paid to write.

Softwarejudge – Get paid to write.

Softwarejudge – Get paid to write.

As the name indicates, Softwarejudge specializes in software review. If you love using new software or like to give your opinion about the software, this is the right place to start with. 

So I can say its a functional website that allows you to make money online (get paid to write category).

  • How it works

They have specific categories (mentioned below), wherein they have provided a list of software you can review. 

You don’t get the flexibility to write about any software you know. Instead, you can write only on that software, which is listed on the website. 

However, the best part is you can download the trial version of the software from the website before you review them.

* Audio & Mp3

* Business & Finance

* Design & Photo

* Desktop Enhancements

* Games

* Home & Education

* Internet

* Software Development

* Utilities

* Video & DVD

* Web Authoring

  • Earning Potential

They pay quite a good rate for your reviews, which will be anything between $1-$50 depending on the quality of your review. An abstract from their website:

“If you have strong opinions about software, whether positive or negative and want to get paid for your reviews, you are in the right place. 

SoftwareJudge pays up to 50 dollars for tell-it-like-it-is, no marketing BS, straight-talking software reviews.

HOWEVER, it can’t be just ANY review for ANY software. S.J Only accept HONEST reviews for software LISTED at SOFTWAREJUDGE.COM (the list isn’t huge, but you can pick what you like).

Your review has to be damn good for them to pay you fifty bucks, and not every reviewer is going to get that much for a single report.

However, you get paid at least a buck for any review published on SoftwareJudge.

Ten reviews – ten dollars. 

Twenty reviews – twenty bucks. 

You do the math. The better your work, the more money you get for writing fewer reviews.”

How you get paid

The preferred method of payment is through western union. Also, the minimum amount to withdraw the amount if $200 (which is a bit high). 

However, they give you an option to buy software, game, or an e-book, if you have accumulated $20 in your account. 

However, they don’t believe in the shipment of your desired products, so that they will send you the product in downloadable format.


They request you not to submit more than three reviews in a day. It could be because of the high pay rate and also to make sure the quality of the content does not go down.

Last but not least, your review should be very original. 

They are very strict and do not accept even a single line in the review, which is already there on the web. Before making a payment, SoftwareJudge does a thorough checking in the search engine.

Break.com – Get paid to post videos


Break.com – Watch funny videos and more video anywhere, anytime


Earn money with Break.Com:We always looked for some way to make money online, and we have discovered hundreds of websites that meet our desire. But the earning potential makes many people sick. 

If you are also one among these guys, what about getting $400 or $500 or $600, even $2000 for one of your posts. 

Many people read this with a surprise and start believing the lying online earning potential. Yes, it’s about making big money online.

Keep the money apart. Even if you are not looking for money but love to browse the funniest video or picture, you can not skip this site named break.com. 

This website has categories like video, pictures, categories, which is further subdivided to make the navigation more easier like just submitted a video, most viewed video, etc.

How it works

Very simple, you need to register, and you are ready to start to upload anything you like.

Earning Potential

You get paid up to $2000 for your original video. For your first original video, you will make $400 if you let Break have it exclusively. 

If you don’t want to do that, or can’t for any reason, no problem! The Break will pay you $200 anyway as a reward for your first original making the homepage.

For your second original video, you make even more – $500 if you let Break have it exclusively! If you don’t want to give up the exclusive rights, no problem! The Break will pay you $300 anyway as a reward for making the homepage a second time.

For your third original video (and every one after that), you will make $600 if you let Break have it exclusively! If you don’t want to give up the exclusive rights, no problem! The break will pay you $400 for every video.

You get paid $25 for an original picture and $2000 for a short film or flash animation. 

You can also upload a girl of the day picture and get paid $50 if you’re selected, and if you make it to the most popular girl of the month, you get paid $500.

Does it sound too good to be true

If yes, you are right. They don’t pay this amount for every video or picture submitted. The video or photo you submit must get published on Break.com’s home page. 

You don’t get paid by any other means like viewing other videos or making a comment on other videos like another website.

To get paid, you need to make sure that your video is of high quality and should appeal to the broader audience. 

Since most of the visitor are young, I think the best subject to focus on should be se*y women or some controversial news item or it could be some weird video which you can laugh upon.

Since they are talking of big payout, so keep thinking of the subject and make your way in break.com.


CPA Marketing | Ultimate Guide to make money online

CPA marketing: Ultimate Guide for Beginners.

CPA marketing: Ultimate Guide for Beginners

CPA marketing: Ultimate Guide for Beginners.

CPA marketing is the most profitable way to make money online. CPA marketing is an acronym for ‘cost per action,’ and I assume that most of you here are familiar with the basics. 

Here are the five simple steps to know how you can make money online and get ahead of other internet marketers.

  • Focus on a large group of individuals:

To begin with, you have to research on your niche. 

You have to find a reasonably large number of targeted persons who are on the lookout for your keyword.

Have got money to spend and a problem in your niche that requires a solution. 

To make money online, you have to provide a product/ service, that handles the specified problem.

  • What you have to identify:
  1. What everyone is searching the most in your specified niche?
  2. What is the monthly search or daily search, who are typing a keyword for the solution to their particular problem?
  3. What are the offers available with the CPA network in that niche?
  4. What is competition?

Preferably, you have to market products or services that you have an interest in and converting well in today’s market. 

You can use the free tool available to help you out. One is the Google Adwords Tooland the 2nd one is  Wordtracker.com.

Find the right product, which is in demand and converting well

After you finalize your target niche, you should quickly find out related products or services and different CPA networks offering the solution. 

Read: Pay Per Click Marketing

I will advise you to use an offer vault, which offers you more than what you need. 

Or if you can come out with your own product or solution, that also could make a wonder.

There are many products in any niche available for you to promote.

Where to find the products

You have a choice to promote either physical goods or digital online products. It is easy to find a wide variety and products from any niche in digital products with a very high margin of commission (up to 75%).

The following could give you a few options to digital source products:

The mentioned source will be a great place to start marketing digital products, which converts faster than other networks.

Reach audience

This step is very critical and filled up with 100’s of tips which you can use to target your traffic. 

Most of the ways are free to use, and few of them require low priced tools to make it automated. 

In this post, I will not cover those tips (however, I will be publishing an article shortly, which contains Top 25 ways to promote your product for free). 

Here are the most general tips, which can be used to reach out to your targeted audience:

Article marketing: This is one of the most traditional methods to get highly targeted traffic at no cost to you. 

There are plenty of useful article directories available where you can publish information related to your products/services with a link of yours. 

If your article is informative and exciting, it will help you to get your targeted visitor.

 And also help your website to get ranked.

Retain Visitors

Even if a visitor to your website does not buy anything from you, you should respect them and offer valuable free products for signing up for a newsletter. 

This will help you to start a business relationship. You can always monitor clients by offering even more expensive products in the future.

Follow up

Scale the products which are making you money and move away from unsuccessful ones. 

During follow up, you should offer them the only related product and not something which makes them unsubscribe to your newsletter. 

Always use an email auto-responder to speed up your sales and marketing communications.


Travel for business Tips by CrazeofMoney.Com

Travel for business Tips

Travel for business Tips

Travel for business Tips

Travel for business Tips by CrazeofMoney.Com

Do you like to travel? Now you can easily make good earnings even while getting deals on your traveling costs. 

As well as find out the way you can assist other people in securing the places and travel products that they need whereas you are making money. 

I feel this could be one of the best Home based travel for business to start. 

I will explain why the travel business can work best for Work from home opportunity.

Many people are looking for financial and personal freedom by starting their own home-based business. 

The opportunities are endless, just depending on your own interests. You can be responsible for your own success and enjoy the fruits of your labor.

One of the most appealing factors in a home-based business is the freedom to work when you want. 

You can set your own schedule and work as often or as little as you would like. There are no bosses or other employees to worry about. 

It is up to you to set the limits and goals for your business. If you want to work full- or part-time, the decision is yours.

Start a Home-Based Travel Business

A solid field for many people is a home-based travel business. Being a home-based travel agent means making available travel products produced by someone else. 

You can do it in two ways. You can be a referral agent, directing people to a travel agency. Then you would receive part of the commission on these sales. 

You can also book your own vacations and travel. You will receive a commission on that as well.

The second way to have a travel business is to be a booking and selling agent. 

You would deal directly with the clients to help them find the kind of traveling experience they are looking for. 

Then you would research the options for them. You would deal with the travel supplier, looking for the best options. 

Then you would present the options to them and let them choose what they want. After they have decided, you would make all the arrangements for them. 

In exchange for all this, you would receive a higher commission than the referral agent.

Get Help Online

Becoming a home-based travel business is not complicated. 

Many online sites will help you get started. You don’t need a lot of money to start, and you can get plenty of information and support. 

By checking these sites, you will learn how to get started and have many of your questions answered. They can help you get started in an orderly manner and have a professional home-based travel business ready to go.

There are numerous places online to find discount travel packages, coastal vacations, and many other travel ideas. 

You can choose whom you will work with and enjoy the benefits of helping others. You will find the business opportunity is only limited by your time and motivation.

Be Successful In Your Home-based Travel Business

Even if you do not want to have a full-time home-based travel business not to worry.

You could earn enough to give yourself free trips and share discount travel with your friends.

You can earn enough for a decent second income even if your time is limited.

Whether you want a home-based business as a full- or part-time job, you will find that some great opportunities are available. 

By starting your own home-based travel business, you can build your financial freedom from a dream to a reality.

Sponsored Reviews– Get Paid to blog

Sponsored Reviews

What is Sponsored Reviews and How To Get Started?

Sponsored Reviews

Sponsored Reviews: Another great website to make bloggers monetize their blog more effectively after PayPerPost and Reviewme.com. The concept is the same and works as an intermediary between bloggers and advertisers. 

It provides a platform for the blogger to earn money utilizing writing reviews of the advertiser’s products/services. 

However, there is some uniqueness between these websites. PayPerPost lets advertisers set the price.

ReviewMe sets the price automatically based on how accessible the blog is.

And in sponsoredreviews.com, You set your own price and have the ability to reject or accept any offer.

Here the bloggers are going to set their own price, and advertisers will pick up a blogger who they feel are offering a reasonable price.

 They will look for other parameters like quality of blog, readership base, etc. This is going to create a competition between the blogger itself, 

and most of them will keep their review charges reasonable if they would like to receive consistent offers from the advertisers.

Another advantage of Sponsored reviews

  • While Reviewme charges a flat 50% commission from the transaction value, Sponsoredreviews is offering lower transaction fees, which is 35%. Fairly good deal.
  • Sponsored Reviews also stands unique in terms of payouts, wherein they are offering Bi-Weekly payout instead of monthly.
  • Although publishers are free to set their own prices, the Sponsored Review system will allow you to see recommendations based on their automated rating system.//

Read: List of 13 Get Paid to write websites.

Why advertisers buy a Sponsored Review?

  •  To launch a new product or service.
  • To create a buzz about a new website.
  • To get honest and constructive feedback from professional reviewers and their audiences.
  • To build high-quality links to increase your website’s search engine rankings.
  • To create direct traffic from a highly targeted audience.

How it works for bloggers

You sign up for a free account and submit your blog for approval. By adding your blog to their network, advertisers can find you and purchase reviews directly. 

You set your own price and have the ability to reject or accept any offer. Once approved, you must write the report within seven days.

You can also search for opportunities to find advertisers with products or services that you would like to write a review for. 

Once you have placed a bid, an advertiser can either accept, decline, or make a counter-offer. 

If approved, you must write the review and put it on your blog within seven days.

Excerpts from website

How much can I earn Writing Reviews?

With SponsoredReviews, you set your own price. 

Depending on the size of your readership and the quality of your blog posts, you can earn anywhere from $10 to $1000 per review.

 If you are a significant site, you might be able to get even more.

Am I expected to write only positive reviews?

Not At all – you are paid to write in-depth, honest reviews. 

Your constructive criticism is not only appreciated; it is expected.

How do I get paid?

You will receive your cash earnings via PayPal on a bi-weekly basis.

These funds can be quickly deposited into your bank account. 

If you don’t have access to a bank account, you can receive a check in the mail.

How do I know when or if I have been paid?

You can check your payment history and a summary of your outstanding earnings on our site at any time. You will receive your outstanding earnings two weeks after your review is completed.



Pay Per Click Marketing: Make Money with PPC

Pay Per Click Marketing

Make Money With Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing

Pay Per Click Marketing: Have you ever wondered how to make money with pay per click? I am sure you are not. 

Pay per click marketing is not new to anyone who has done a bit of affiliate marketing. If you know the idea behind the pay per click program, it will not be so difficult to make money with pay per click. 

Also, you might have used only a few big players, but there are much smaller one which offers pay per click publisher as well as pay per click affiliate program. 

And believe me, there are plenty of ways to make money online if you are ready to understand the basics behind it.

Pay per click advertising is a simple and yet effective advertisement for your product or service. 

It is possible to spend a lesser amount on a single campaign for your product or service.

For beginners of pay per click advertising, they must follow some guidelines.

The first guideline is to identify the purpose of your advertisement.

You must get to know your competitors. 

You can use the Google and Bing search engine to do this. 

These two search engines alone are enough to view your competitors. 

Take a peek at your competitor’s advertisement. Try to look at the words that they use. 

If what they’re using in their advertisement can attract a user like you, of course, it can catch the attention of others too.

The second guideline is to set a budget and goal for your advertisement. 

Every advertisement should have a purpose. 

Stay within the limits of your goal. For example, if your threshold for your pay per click is only $100, then be it. Don’t get yourself into bidding wars with your affluent competitors.

The third guideline is researching your market. 

You can use Google to search for your products. 

On the right side is where you can find the sites of your competitors. Study and analyze carefully how your competitors publish their advertisements. 

You can do this by clicking on each link, and then you can view each site.

The fourth guideline is creating a specific keyword. 

You must know what keywords are mostly used by people who are looking for your products or services. 

Overture has a tool for this; they have a Keyword Selector Tool. Although this requires a lot of research and study, it is beneficial for beginners. 

The main objective here is to collect as many keywords as you can that are frequently used by people looking up for your product or service.

The fifth guideline is to build an optimized ad copy. 

Ads must be short and direct to the point. 

Again, you can learn this by clicking at your competitor’s ads.

The sixth guideline is to have a significant landing page. 

Your ads should correspondingly match your page. 

What you say in your ads should be what your page contains.

The seventh guideline is to record your results. 

Once you have published your ads, try to monitor how many people are clicking your ads. 

Google Analytics can help you through this job. It gives you reports on how your pay per click performs.

The eighth guideline is to remove ads with less or no clicks at all. 

If nobody is clicking your ads, then delete it because it is of no use.

The ninth and last guideline is developing on performing ads. 

If your ads have many clicks, then it’s a success. 

If it’s a success, then keep doing it. Make more ads that duplicate your successful advertisements.

Being a beginner in pay per click is not easy. 

Just don’t expect too much and try to learn more. 

And you will be on your way to make money online with pay per click marketing.


Top 5 money-making app review

Five money-making app review

Five money-making app review

Five money-making app review

Hello all! Here we are going to read about the top 5 money-making app reviews. We will know how these apps are and how user-friendly. 

So read this post till the last.

1. Ebates – What is Ebates? 

Ebates is an affiliate company, and if you do shopping from its affiliated stores, it provides you cashback. 

Ebates built its network with thousands of stores and offering discount cashback and discounts if you shop from these stores.

And most interesting is that it is free and will never cost you, so you can be benefited using the site.

“Is Ebates a fraud?” I have been enjoying it since 2011 and made $400 cashback since now. But the cashback percentage is always varying.

2. Google Opinion Rewards – It is the market-analysis that help the market researchers to generate online surveys that help in making marketing decisions.

So the only thing you have to do is to answer some questions honestly and earn from it. 

Note the money you will earn will be transferred to your PayPal account, and Google will not provide you cash. 

It was just the credit money you can use it for buying services at Google play store services such as Google playbooks, movies, Google play music, etc.

And the amount of credit differs from survey to survey. It rewards you for your hard work, but it is time-consuming.

3. Ibotta – Ibotta is most admired and free shopping apps in the United States, and for a useful purpose. 

You also can invite your friends and can earn $1 for every friend who registers for the app from your invitation.

The company has paid over $300 million cashback rewards with such active cashback offers, bonuses, and many other ways to compensate your earnings. 

It is one of the best cashback apps available at present. It works with some of the massive brands like Coca Cola, Unilever, Best Buy, Rite Aid, and others.

So, at last, the conclusion is i-bota is the best of all, you can earn money from it during your random shopping.

4. Toluna – It is a company that prepares online surveys for peoples, agencies, and advertisers. 

Here the companies can automate their research methods, and people have a platform where they can put their opinion.

you get paid to serve the review of their experience, and test products and places.

Toluna runs on the point system, more the points you earn, more you can compensate. 

Its 1000 point equals to $0.33.

Toluna has good reviews, people are enjoying with its easy user interface, optimized platform, and the most important is its guaranteed payouts.

5. Field agent app – It pays you to complete simple tasks near you and for sharing your opinion. 

It is free and legit but not great because you earn pennies, and you have to work at an hourly rate. 

Even all these it is a great way to earn some side income with your phone. It pays you through Pay Pal and Dwolla.


How to Make Money without a job

Best Ways to Make Money without a job

Best Ways to Make Money without a job!

Best Ways to Make Money without a job

Make Money Without a Job: Hey, guys! Here we will know how we can earn money without any 10 to 5 jobs. 

Hopefully, you guys will also not like doing 10 to 5 jobs like me. Because there is a lot of burden on job life, and there is no time for family and friends. 

That is why the idea of ​​earning money without a job comes to mind. In fact, this idea is impressive. 

Let’s know how you can make money without doing any job.

Best ways to make money without a job:

There are many ways through which you can earn money without a job; some of them are written below.

Rent your things:

This is the easiest way, by which you can earn money without a job, in this you only have to rent something of your own to someone. 

The person to whom you will rent your goods will give you monthly or yearly rent, which will be your earnings. 

If seen, most people rent their house, because if your home is in an area where people stop coming from far away, then renting your house or a room is a very beneficial deal for you. 

Sell ​​your old used books:

If you are a student or have been a student, then you will have many books that you have read, and if you want some extra earning, then you can sell those old books.   

Best place to sell your old books

Make your own blog/website:

If you have time to give, then you can start your blog, a blog is an excellent way to earn money without a job. But you have to work continuously on the blog. 

Read: How to Start a Blog

The earnings from your blog don’t need to start in 1-2 months. Sometimes it happens that the earning of the people begins even after 1-1.5 years. 

So if you have to start a blog, then you will have to work with patience and work hard.

Become a freelance writer:

There is also a lot of money in writing, and you can work according to it. Actually, it happens that big companies hire writers to write articles on their websites and blogs, but it is not like a job, you can take time and work according to it.

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Invest in real estate:

Investment in real estate is an excellent way to earn money without a job, And you do not have to be very rich to invest in real estate, you can also spend a small amount in real estate.

So now you must have got a good idea about “Making Money Without Jobs.”